In a January 2015 post for Business 2 Community, Gal Borenstein predicted 10 Digital Branding and Marketing Trends for the new year. Many of the trends have been materializing for years and center largely on the popularity of mobile over all else. As lifestyles change, content must change to fit new lifestyles and approaches to media consumption.

Yet, messaging can’t get watered down or evaporate and if it’s well devised from the beginning, it will find ways to sustain despite trends. Before we get into all of that, let’s first recap the predictions with Borenstein Group’s infographic:


Gal Borenstein’s list is spot on. Small retailers in Asia, Africa and South America (and the US for that matter) are globalizing easier than ever before. Starbucks recently mastered the rare feat of uniting the internet in umbrage over the brand’s #RaceTogether campaign.

Mobile is replacing desktop and even linear television. The rise of citizen journalism and cellphone videos can be clearly seen in recent news coverage of race in America and the police. Everyone from Facebook to Apple is studying metadata, constantly. Infographics are all the rage

So, now that the dots have been connected, it’s time to get down to utilizing this arsenal of information for ideas. Two of which, I’d like to combine: we need authentic content that is optimized for mobile platforms. Sleek high polished marketing is great, but a video testimonial or behind the scenes moments might be more effective in humanizing your brand efforts.

Add in the fact that mobile is reshaping the landscape of content, conversation and clicks. Not only must content be as authentic and visual as possible, it needs to be streamlined for the needs of modern human beings. Points must be reached quickly with minimalistic design. Key phrases need to be clean and fresh. Yet, the content can’t be so minimalistic that it destabilizes. There is a difference between editing and diluting.

This circles back to conscious brand construction. Start with a clean, core brand message. Let that clean, clear definition give you trajectory when crafting content. All content needs to be helpful, engaging, clear and adhere to the core message. Be authentic, add in variety whenever possible and get your audience involved in the content creation. Keeping these habits will help maintain your messaging and brand regardless of trends and forecasts while keeping you current, modern and evolving with the times. – JD