3 reasons I love Daniela Villegas Jewelry.

I’m a jewelry addict. I don’t believe in a world where one can have too much jewelry. Not that I believe in excess for excess sake, I just believe in beauty and the way that a gorgeous piece can not only light up the wearer but also the beholder. Which brings me to 3 reasons I love Daniela Villegas jewelry:

#1 Hand Crafted

Daniela makes her pieces by hand crafted and truly unique onto themselves. This isn’t mass-produced ubiquity, but an actual distinctive experience.

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#2 Inspired by Nature + Life

The artisan draws inspiration from nature, her friends, family and travels. Collections like PERU display the culture, colors and mythical allure of Peru, from past to present.

daniela villegas animal instincts jewelry

#3 Full of Surprises

Using 18k gold in all colors of the precious metal, Daniela infuses her pieces with nature’s perfection: insects, feathers, quills, pebbles and more.