3D-Printed Dior Eyes Give User Backstage Access

‘Dior Eyes’ 3d-printed headset grants user coveted access to behind-the-scenes of a Dior fashion show

French fashion icon Dior has merged the technologies of 3D-printing and virtual reality to present ‘Dior Eyes’.

The user gets a coveted glimpse of the goings-on backstage at a Dior fashion show.  The design is minimal, simple black and white with a backlit Dior logo and smooth, sleekly curved edges.

3d printed dior eyes backstage

A look backstage at the Dior fashion show via the brand’s 3D-printed headset.

Inside, the 3D-printed headset possesses a built-in audio, an almost 100 degree field of view and 551ppi pixel density visuals. Watch the video to see the designers transform the headset from a sketch to the real thing.

[via Vanichi]

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