Announcing my new Amazon Influencer Page covering ideas for the creative mind, body and well being.

I have a new Amazon Influencer Page up and I’m excited to share products I love, use and recommend to creative types. It took a long time for me to realize that I have to cultivate well-being in order to be a well being. After years of consulting, producing, writing and speaking, I have some ideas of what’s helpful, replenishing, and absolutely vital to stay inspired and energized. Before I get into my approach, let me explain what the Amazon Influencer Program is.

What’s an Amazon Influencer?

The Amazon Influencer Program allows individuals to have their own presence on Amazon, which they can customize and curate with products they recommend in social media content. It’s an extension of the Amazon Associates Program and includes a special vanity URL (mine is for directing to your unique page once your application is approved. When customers visit your page and shop on Amazon, you get compensated for purchases in a similar fashion as you would with the Amazon Associates program.

What’s in My Storefront?

SUPERJOY is a state of being. It takes a lot of energy and devotion to your self awareness to do it in public and maintain your focus. I’ve gathered a list of my favorite things for creating, healing, chilling, learning and being well. You’ll find categories including:

Meditating: Things for centering your self

Content Creating: Fun things to help you create with ease

Beautifying: Healthy skin. Heal thy skin. Hair too.

Lounging: Decor to chill on. Loungewear to chill in.

Speaking: Ideas to protect, nourish and amplify your voice.

Drinking: Hot and cold beverages loaded with nutrients.

Reading: Great information matters. Learn some useful stuff.

Sleeping: Replenish. Rejuvenate.


Sharing is caring. If you know something I should try, please let me know.

Big Thanks!

Throughout the years, I’ve been lifted by friends, family, colleagues, casual acquaintances and complete strangers to build word of mouth, passive income, projects and productions. I appreciate every ounce of support I receive and do my best to redistribute it to creatives, activism and humanity at large. Thanks in advance for helping my storefront thrive!