BUwood handbags offer a line of clean line, architectural luxury goods handcrafted in Milan.

Foregoing logo-cladding, BUwood handbags make their distinction by being wearable art rather than by broadcasting a brand name on the bag from every angle. The collection is perfected minimalism with current choices of a rectangular design, a BUMI round or a mini round. They have an array of vibrant leather colors including Canary Yellow, Juicy Green, Light Turquoise, Saturated Pink, Red and White. Even more delightful is the surprise of wood, as both designs are offered in walnut alternative with leather details.

buwood handbags buwood wood handbag walnutBUwood also numbers its pieces as these are limited luxury items with each bag being unique to its human. Their logo is tastefully engraved on the light gold closure. The rest of the metal accents are light gold as well, though sans logo. Complementing straps accompany the BUwood handbags as well.

buwood handbags bumi mini

Created by Anya Bumagina, BUwood handbags are crafted by an exclusive team of artisans in Milan. The Bumi bag alone is 47 step fabrication process. The brand leans toward monochromatic color, geometrics and elegant design. Price points range from € 1,450.00 to € 1,950.00.