Taking a look at Christian Lacroix Maison interior fabrics.

The House of Lacroix embodies the extravagance and spirit of the tropics and the French Riviera. They mix, match and layer in luxury interior fabrics. The range covers satins, silks and linen. Christian Lacroix Maison has presented new lines Nouveaux Mondes and Atelier Camargue

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Nouveaux Mondes celebrates the lush greenery and wildlife of the Caribbean. It showcases the islands’ flowers and butterflies. The fabrics and wallpapers feature tiger stripes, kaleidoscope butterfly patterns and exotic vegetation. Sacha Walckhoff, the creative director of Christian Lacroix Maison, states, “These new designs celebrate the raw and unspoilt variety of nature.”

Atelier Camargue is a collection of rich colors in plain textures and subtle fabrics. It still expresses the brand’s dynamic love of color and savoir-faire.

These new lines are currently available through Designers Guild.