Family of the Arts presents CUBE, an intuitive and tactile device for smart home technology.

At first glance, the CUBE might seem like a sleek building block toy for a toddler. On the contrary, this aesthetically minimalistic black device allows users to be connected to all of their smart home technology through one single interface. Interaction with a smart phone or an extraneous remote to control music, lighting and temperature are eliminated. It seeks to provide a bridge between our emotional human needs and our digital surroundings.

cube family of arts smart home

Cube is commanded by body movements and intuitively understands them as functions. For instance, lifting it up turns it on. Twisting it clockwise will turn volume up and counterclockwise turns the volume down. Every adjustment relates to the nearest appliance and can be immediately reversed.

The appliance can still be manipulated through its control panel but Cube is portable and easily carried throughout the home. Plus, interaction with Cube is quick and less distracting than controlling appliances through a smart phone which can often lead to texting, social media and so on that can often keep a person from interacting with the people directly in front of them.

It will be interesting to see how Family of the Arts develops its brand of intuitive design for the future human’s future home.