Call for Papers for NEW LUX ORDER (formerly DIVERSITY IS THE NEW LUXURY), a collection of essays from dynamic entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.

Updated December 31, 2018: Call for Papers for NEW LUX ORDER, an anthology collection of essays from dynamic entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds being edited by Joy Donnell. Stay updated about the anthology through the hashtag #newlux.

DEADLINE FOR 1ST DRAFT: Friday, July 26, 2019


The definition of luxury is changing and simultaneously, so is the business of luxury. For the first time in the modern world, luxury brands are emerging in mass numbers from creative entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds. From indigenous designers in Africa, Asia and the Americas to brands steeped in cultural heritage, the internet and new attitudes among luxury consumers are helping these brands find loyal patrons.


The limited edition Lady Bianca hat designed by luxury milliner Gladys Tamez

The limited edition Lady Bianca hat designed by luxury milliner Gladys Tamez

New Lux Order (NEWLUX) features personal essays from dynamic entrepreneurs who are redefining luxury. Essays can cover any perspective unique to how and why YOU launched a luxury brand. Sample topics include:

  • How your culture informs your work
  • The unique moments of courage you have experienced as an entrepreneur starting and/or growing your business
  • Upcycling and reimagining culturally-significant materials
  • How emerging luxury brands can also be sustainable
  • Ways emerging brands are expanding the conversation of luxury fashion, beauty, travel, etc.
  • How emerging luxury brands support developing economies
  • Looking at indigenous heritage skillsets (such as metalworking, beadworking, etc) in different ways
  • The business of consumer discovery for these unique brands


NEWLUX seeks to feature entrepreneurs in the luxury markets that are either:

  • From developing economies
  • People of Color, Indigenous Peoples and/or People from Underserved Communities
  • Women


Both established and emerging entrepreneurs are invited to submit. Editors will work closely with entrepreneurs to improve essays where needed.




Word Length: Up to 6500 words per essay


Languages: This collection is being composed in English. For non-native English speakers, you may submit in your native written language.


All contributors will receive 2 (two) contributor copies. We will also be looking to create panels and will be inviting contributors to participate in these speaking engagements as well as a documentary film.


ADDITIONAL MEDIA: We are also welcoming video and audio stories for NEWLUX. Those who wish to submit audio or video of their story, please contact us about submission details.




Joy Donnell 2.2Joy Donnell is a brand builder, sustainable luxury advocate, activist and entrepreneur driven by purpose. Her vision is to create media that inspires and nourishes creativity. Donnell also scours the globe for unique, handcrafted couture pieces from emerging designers of diverse backgrounds to help democratize the luxury markets.


Her PR expertise touches all of her work as she brings that insight to  content strategy, content creation and luxury fashion and luxury lifestyle branding. When she isn’t behind the camera creating fashion editorials and fashion films as a producer or director, she steps in front of the camera as a model and sustainable luxury advocate. Donnell is co-founder for Parajin Media Corp and former Editor of its flagship fashion lifestyle publication, Vanichi Magazine.


As an international speaker, Donnell loves to share her knowledge about branding, multiplatform content and public image. Alongside Nzinga Blake, Joy Donnell recently guest lectured at UCLA’s School of Film, Television and Digital Media on that very subject matter. Her ebook, Pitch Perfect, is a quick guide on establishing brand and PR best practices for the motivated entrepreneur. The book has sold widely around the world.


She also speaks about the role diversity plays in securing true sustainable luxury.
Joy Donnell is currently curating rising luxury brands from emerging economies to feature in her work with Vanichi Magazine. Her editorials and interviews have featured designers from Senegal, Gambia, Ukraine, the First Nations of North America, Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Guatemala, Taiwan and many diasporic people headquartering their businesses in the US. You can also find her sharing these discoveries on Huffington Post.

Stay updated about the anthology and complementing podcast through the hashtag #newlux.


Charles Loloma (Hopi) gold bracelet with lapis, coral and turquoise. Est value $40,000.

Charles Loloma (Hopi) gold bracelet with lapis, coral and turquoise. Est value $40,000.


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