To deliver delicious meals crafted from farm fresh, locally sourced ingredients requires great connections. Chef and proprietor Timothy Mark Abell of Flatiron Catering has a plentiful network of top farmers in Southern California including Weiser Farm, Ocean Jules  and Harvey’s Guss Meat, Co. The proof is in the food as his dishes burst with immediate flavor.

Since launching the Flatiron Truck in 2010, Chef Abell has been utilizing his fine dining background and love of fresh ingredients to bridge the gap between farm and street food. Business eventually expanding into Flatiron Catering and has now grown into an event space in Hollywood called Iron Room.

“I saw a need for a small gathering space people could utilize for intimate events,” Chef Abell remarks on Opening Night. The room was buzzing with crowd that was equal parts gastropub denizens, gypsetters and glamourzons.

African Flower  IMG_0168-001  Beso Ardiente

For Opening Night at the Iron Room, specialty cocktails included an aromatic Clover Cocktail fizzing with egg whites and gin, the African Flower garnished with orange peel and a spicy Beso Ardiente. They paired with small bites of Mac & Cheese with Pancetta, succulent Steak Tacos and Sliders with Caramelized Onions on a fluffy Brioche Bun.

flatiron collage jon reeves photography

With the Iron Room, Flatiron creates a new way to experience its brand of cuisine. Time will tell if the space will also welcome art installations and event series, but either way, the food will be teeming with fresh flavors. – JD