In a move that will intensify luxury brand appeal, a former Burberry exec joins Tesla.

Ganesh Srivats is the new vice president of North American sales for Tesla. He was formerly senior vice president of Burberry. This move could help the electric car brand increase its luxury lifestyle image while maintaining its high-end technology cred.

Tesla’s sales approach already has a modern luxury to it. The brand doesn’t sale in dealerships, instead opting for direct-operated boutique stores. It relies on word of mouth rather than traditional advertising. It has done strategic partnerships with luxury brands like TAG Heuer and, most recently, the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo which now has a Tesla Model S amongst its fleet of cars.

former burberry exec joins tesla model

As eco-friendliness is becoming more important to luxury consumers, Tesla’s eco brand coupled with its cars craftsmanship are setting a foundation for expansion into ancillary markets such as apparel and smarthomes. The electric innovator is launching its Powerwall battery for the home. It generates power from solar panels and provides energy for the home throughout the day. No automaker has ever entered home technology in this way before. This illustrates Tesla’s willingness to explore and innovate new opportunities that further its lifestyle brand.