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Go Beyond Brand. The book is available thru limited preorder via Get it first.

Go BEYOND BRAND. Live your legacy. I’m offering a special, limited preorder of my forthcoming book. Be the first to get your hands on Beyond Brand.



Personal branding is the preoccupation of every entrepreneur, influencer, changemaker, rising star and bonafide celebrity. We accept it as vital to competing in a crowded world, but few of us have reflected on how this acquiescence makes us feel or function.

The modern ideals of personal branding and the intricacies of self-branding can stir us away from our deepest intentions. Companies create brands to humanize products. So when a human seeks to brand themselves, there is often a disconnect being encouraged. This disconnect is from what is naturally authentic.

For those who want a method that embraces intrinsic humanity and intention, Joy has written Beyond Brand. There is a path that connects what is ancient to what is now and aligns what you’re building with what you truly desire becoming. This book is not about brand building. It’s about legacy building. You deserve to be more than a brand. Live your legacy.

Beyond Brand is available at a special rate thru this limited preorder. You’ll also be the first to receive a copy before it becomes available to the public.