8 Lovely Handcrafted Artisan Pipes that make you exclaim “Ceci une pipe”

In many cultures, smoke has been revered as a conduit between the physical world and the spiritual world. That ephemeral plume has been used for prayer, gratitude, ceremony, rites of passage, waging war and negotiating peace. Fire ignites it. Air feeds it. That alone can inspire pedastalization. So it’s no wonder that pipe making is a rich artform onto itself.

The rise of legalized cannabis is offering unique opportunities for modern artisans to stamp their signature on this ancient craft. For example, California — which is a legal state for medical and adult-use of cannabis — hosts a groundswell of entrepreneurial creatives making glass and stoneware inspired by everything from the female form to flying saucers. Here are 8 handcrafted artisan pipes that will satisfy your minimalist fascinations.


Chic + Sexy

Sibelley. Downtown Los Angeles-based artist Sibelle Yuksek designs and creates her Sibelley glassworks with timelessness in mind. Her pieces pay equal homage to the curve and the line with a sexy minimalist style.

Pictured Above: Pink One Hitter Torso Pendant,  $150. Glass Lady Straw, $40.

Fun × Whimsy

K L A I. From the mind palace of artist Klai Brown comes a collection of fantastic objects that are handpainted and hand crafted in Los Angeles, California. Each piece uses locally sourced and certified non toxic clay and glazes.

Pictured Above: Spotted Narwhal Pipe in Pink, $75. One Hitter + Dish (featuring Original and Wide pipe design), $60.

Natural Vibes

Miwak Junior. Chilean artist Sebastian Boher and writer/performer Alice Johnson Boher formed Miwak Junior to celebrate pre Columbian design aesthetics alongside intergalactic imagination.

Their clean designs evoke reverence for nature, form, ceremony and sacred sharing. Based in Los Angeles.

Pictured Above: Nave Whiskey Ceramic Smoking Pipe, $120 (on pre-order)

Crystllust. Designed in Buffalo, NY by Laverna O’Reilly.

Pictured Above: Malachite Pipe. Pricing upon request.

OG Old World

ManuChillum. Artist Manu Galvagno is making modern chillums that cherish the rich history of this ancient Indian 18th century craft. Pieces travel from Anjuna, India, so inquire about timeline and special orders.

Pictured Above: Black in Rose chillum, $233. Nett, $209.