This handmade Wynwood Credenza is made to order in Italy.

Crafted in Italy, this handmade Wynwood Credenza from Robicara Collection takes 10 weeks or longer to make. Its created from Macassar ebony, a slow-growing striped heartwood originating from Indonesia. This wood is typically difficult to work because it sometimes has an interlocking grain. So, great skill must be administered to craft beautiful pieces from this gorgeous wood.

handmade wynwood credenza italy

handmade wynwood credenza bronze ebony handmade wynwood credenza wood wynwood credenza closeup

The iconic sideboard juxtaposes this dark ebony inlays with bone while the handles and feet are in light bronze. The piece is in a high gloss ivory lacquer. Adjustable shelves are inside. Price, custom sizing and finishes are available upon request.