How Sabrina Garba Accelerates Genius and helps female leaders shine inside and out.

Because we’re never done glowing up, I’m talking with holistic cultural strategist Sabrina Garba about  her methods for refining expertise, tracking growth, and positioning yourself as a thought leader with collateral. We discuss how Sabrina Garba Accelerates Genius and helps women embrace their innate skills with empathy, diligence and courage. Watch the full interview below.

About Sabrina:

Sabrina is a respected holistic cultural strategist and public speaker who is passionate about creating environments where people thrive and reach their highest potential, also known as Accelerating Genius. You can find out more about Sabrina at and follow her on all social platforms @sabrinakgarba

Find out more about her method at
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I’m launching #GemsxJoy, new content to help women leaders shine inside and out. I’m exploring the intersections of accelerated knowledge and wellbeing. I’ll be talking to international experts with keys that help changemakers keep growing and glowing.

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