Cheese Tea is the latest Instagram-worthy drink phenomenon. What began in Asia is now conjuring LA at downtown’s Little Fluffy Head Cafe.

A few months ago, a friend in Beijing sent me a photo of tea with a thick foam of cheese floating on top. The line to get this frothy cup of caffeine was down the block. This was obviously an actual thing and it caught my attention. So, when I found out a downtown LA cafe called Little Fluffy Head was offering cheese tea to curious Angelenos, I took a sip.

The phrase “cheese tea” might sound strange to the ears but the results are delicious. This isn’t some odd display of gouda floating like ice cubes in black tea. The beverage is a beautiful tea topped with a luxurious whipped cream cheese. The creamy cloud is frothy and light with a salty cheese flavor that mixes well with matcha, fruit or floral teas.


This cloud inspired the name for Little Fluffy Head Cafe, explains owner Jenny Zhang. She unabashedly plays with the whipped cheese recipe, using everything from creme brûlée to cheddar cheese. “I was willing to launch this based on my love of cheddar cheese alone,” she comments jokingly.

I discovered three personal favorites. The Georgia girl in me adores the Premium Peach Oolong with its light peach notes that weren’t too sweet and blended perfectly with the savory notes of whipped cheese. I especially want this on a warm LA night

Y’all know I love my matcha, so the idea of a Chedd-cha Matcha appeals to my adventurous side. I was delighted that the cheddar taste wasn’t sharp or obtrusive. It fits my sentiments perfectly for an afternoon tea, with the cheese cream supplemented for actual finger sandwiches.

Last but not least is the Camouflage Matcha, an iced matcha swirling and topped with creme brûlée. It’s decadent genius but not so sweet that you feel as if you ate an entire bag of sugar.

Cheese tea is officially one of my new favorite things.

Little Fluffy Head Cafe

203 W 7th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 266-8495