Kaffeeform turns used coffee grounds and renewable materials into new products.

Now your coffee cup can actually be coffee, too. Julian Lechner and Kaffeeform turns used coffee grinds and other renewable materials into new products. In this case, they’re reusable and recycled coffee cups and saucers. The result is an eco-friendly product for java lovers.

kaffeeform used coffee cups

Kaffeeform products are lightweight, durable and washable for consistent use. The textured surface resembles dark ebony wood. And for good measure, the aromatic coffee scent remains in the finished product.

kaffeeform recycled coffee

Coffee use is increasing around the world. Consumer demand for eco-conscious products is also going up. Kaffeeform’s timing couldn’t be better. One coffee cup and saucer set costs about $29.00 online. The brand hopes to expand into cafés and restaurants in the near future. This summer will be the first release of their crafty, yet sustainable coffee cup and saucer.

The more we can stay away from petrochemical based products the better. Kaffeeform delivers on that mark, while designing an artful and luxurious way of sipping your java.