Taking a look at the luxury of a Kekkai digitally printed scarf.

In Japanese, kekkai has several meanings. Buddhism uses the word to designate a restricted area of training. It also has significance in tea ceremony to visually separate the guest area from the tea ceremony area. Most recently, manga and anime use kekkai to mean a shield or projected energy shield. On a larger scale in the anime world, it denotes a pocket universe, spiritual or otherwise. It is this new connotation from which a young luxury brand derives the name and spirit for its Kekkai digitally printed scarf line.

kekkai digitally printed scarf ancient reflections

Founded by Emily and Yvonne-Demitra, two Greek sisters living separately between New York and London, Kekkai creates androgynous scarves from Italian fabrics. Fashioned from high quality silks and cashmere, the line combines technology with old world craftsmanship. Pieces are digitally printed with images arranged into modern geometric designs. The pieces are then hand finished in Italy.

kekkai digitally printed scarf trippin ibizaThe prints verge on psychedelic and can be somewhat muted like the Ancient Reflections I or brightly hued like the Trippin in Ibiza pattern above. Priced between £175.00 to £200.00, the silk editions are 100% silk while their cashmere is actually 10% cashmere and 90% modal. I’ll be keeping an eye on Kekkai.