Wearing who you are makes you feel more like you! – Kristen NEDOPAK

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Kristen Nedopak wearing her geek brand through her personal style: Pac-Man necklace, cork multicolor clutch,stacked bangles, polka dot citrus and radiant orchid OPI manicure. Photos courtesy of DIGIVIRAL.


Showrunner, Producer, Writer, Host, Costume Designer in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and one of Comic Con’s “Most Dangerous Women,” Kristen Nedopak is the creator of many Sci-fi/Fantasy series and films. Her extensive list of credits include the award-nominated The Skyrim Parodies, Fight Class, Outta This World: The Art of Fantasy and Sci-Fi and the first-ever Hollywood award show for geeks: The Geekie Awards.

An advocate for independent entertainment and art, Kristen is a public speaker for several organizations, such as ‘Geek Girls Create’—a traveling panel of creators aimed to inspire people to follow their passions in filmmaking, art and business (Nedopak is the Founder as well), and Women 2.0—coaching women to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their industry. She also speaks on panels for San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, DragonCon, GeekGirl Con and more.

Recognized for her signature blend of geekery and fashion, I asked Kristen to share her thoughts on building your public image through distinct style choices.

[Q] What defines your personal style?

As an artist, I’m a highly visual person who loves the unique and different, and I feel I look for the same elements in fashion.  I notice patterns, bright colors, the way the fabric drapes and shapes and interesting accessories. Finding what’s unique that no one else has is particularly important to me.

I appreciate the non-boring, the conversation starters. I like to feel different. If I’m wearing a simple outfit, my jewelry will be out there or unique. As a creative person, I also tend to match my wardrobe to my energy. When I want to feel powerful, I wear something fitting in red that makes me feel sexy (two elements of power for women). When I’m out having fun, I’ll throw on crazy leggings or my bright blue pants. When I’m in one of my chill hang out moods, I love the vibe of purple or soft sweaters.

I like to look in the mirror and see a reflection of my energy that day because I know that will reflect to others as soon as I walk in the room. And, of course, I have those days when I am full on in costume. That’s a whole other conversation!

nedopak costume

For example, I just bought a scarf from VitalTemptation on Etsy that I cannot wait to wear!  It’s so creative and really ties into my love for nature and faeries. I’ll pair this with an elegant dress or a grey shirt with black leggings to off set the unique piece.

[Q] How does your Geek passion influence and inform your fashion sense?

My fashion style is mostly my own creative vibe with a dash of geek. I have my fair share of geek tees, but we all know t-shirts aren’t the most flattering on women. I’m girly and I don’t always want to wear a t-shirt. I like my short skirts and dresses or fun leggings, and I’ll pair those with cool accessories I find. For example, a medieval headpiece, a headdress or a chain “slave bracelet.”

A few weeks ago I wore a simple white chiffon shirt with tan leather leggings and a Pac-Man necklace made by Rude Poodle Yarns on Etsy. In terms of wardrobe, I love “festival” pieces that are more on the fantasy / mystic style side, like shirts with wide mouthed sleeves. Again, pairing them with something more modern. I haven’t quite found red carpet dresses that are as unique as I’d like that also fit my body type, but I have my eye on a few incredible fashion designers, like Stephane Rolland, I’d love to dress me… some day! 

PS. buy your accessories on Etsy! Help artists who are hand making goods. It’s sustainable and it supports small businesses.

[Q] What are some of the most creative items you’ve curated for your wardrobe?

I am currently obsessed with wearable fantasy art, and my favorite designer is Dee Cherry of Lithaworld. Dee has made me everything from feather faerie wings to a Mad Max-style vest and matching headdress. Headdresses need to come back in style! That might be my new mission.

2014 Geekie Awards - Los Angeles, CA

Kristen Nedopak at the 2014 Geekie Awards. Photo by JOE LESTER.

Dee also made the Mother of Dragons-inspired caged bra piece I wore on the red carpet for The 2014 Geekie Awards. These pieces are bendable, comfortable, and they emulate the styles of old with jeweled embellishments and shimmer. They are unique as each pieces custom made—no one owns the same thing. I know Dee, and her and I are very into crystal energy work, so she adorns each piece with stones that correlate to the energy I want to give off when wearing them. Talk about magical.

[Q] Has your personal style enhanced your career?

Absolutely. When you aren’t afraid to be different, you’re not afraid to wear something different. It gives you confidence and that energy is felt by others. When I’m out at events, like I said, I always wear conversation starters so people walk away knowing me as “the girl who wore ___” or people will take photos of what I’m wearing because it inspired them. Different and out there or not, when you wear what embodies you, you feel the most like yourself. It’s all part of the package when you’re conversing and networking with others. You want them to want to work with you. Again, it’s also in your energy. Bonus: you inspire others too!

Kristen’s Final Thoughts on Wearing Your Brand

Your style should emulate who you are as a person. Just like any personal brand, you want people to look at you and feel like they know who you are with what you’re wearing. Plus, wearing who you are makes you feel more like you! At the same time, don’t be afraid to be unique and different and create style or push boundaries.

I met a hosting coach once who told me there was no way anyone would believe I was a geek because I was “too fashionable.” She claimed I should be wearing a t-shirt and sneakers. I laughed and told her that was so 1980’s (no joke), and that my mission was to prove women could dress like women and still be geeks. Fast forward to today and that is the new trend. I definitely didn’t create it, but I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind, look different and inspire other women to do the same.


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