Emerging artist Marko Stout enters high-end luxury art markets.

Art collecting is closely linked with luxury for seasoned and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) collectors. This relationship is often forged by a desire to acquire some of the world’s most notable art alongside well-designed and expertly crafted goods and services. Today’s art collectors are no longer looking for art that’s just pretty they want rigor and art that tells a story. As emerging artist Marko Stout enters high-end luxury art markets, many collectors are turning their attention to the vibrancy of his work.

marko stout art is a lie

“Art is a Lie” by Marko Stout from the artist’s Chelsea Girls series.

Although a mid-career artist, the New York-based Stout has gathered an arsenal of critical accolades. The Huffington Post recently referred to his “Chelsea Girls” series as being on,

what could easily be perceived as a rock tour — just as thunderous but with a little more color and a content with the impact of one hundred empowering ballads.”

His success appears to be a synergy between the artist and his supporting galleries. Starting this past April in New York, Marko Stout’s latest series “Chelsea Girls” hit the road. This 10-city world tour will wrap up in Paris in June of 2016. Also, accompanying the artist on the tour is his installation “Manhattan Project No.9.” His film replaces traditional narrative with an experimental, semi-French new wave attitude with a hint of film noir influence. Viewers of “Manhattan Project No. 9″ are invited to put on headphones and get entranced in a modern, rhythmic and visceral video portrayal of what I can only describe as a dreamlike state designed for the senses.

marko stout art markets

The grit, grunge and energy of New York City has been harnessed, but remains defiantly untamed in the artist’s “Chelsea Girls” series.  His series highlights real women and real stories he has witnessed in the harsh urban environment. Stout seeks to telescope their resilience and individuality in the midst of such realities.


Influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Jackson Pollock, Marko Stout describes his work by saying, “It’s figurative. The first thing you probably would notice, especially with the prints and that work, you would notice the bright colors. There are a lot of bright colors that I use that’s to show the energy behind the city life, the urban lifestyle that we live.”

Marko Stout’s works are available for purchase at many luxurious galleries of fine art and international art shows. As his praise and fame continue to grow, it will be interesting to see how his art and brand merge with commercial opportunities, UHNW art collections and branded luxury residences or real estate.