Media Mentors and My InspiHER Feature

I’m honored to be featured in the first issue of InspiHER Magazine. Launched by InspiHER Success founder, Gemma Touchstone, the magazine is for, “all those ladies that know what it’s like to live with creative madness, entrepreneurial spirit, drive and undying ambition.” I sit down with Will Armstrong to discuss media, mentors and the rare freedom of living a life that compels you.


The article also gives a peek into a gorgeous photo set with LA-based milliner to the stars Gladys Tamez. Her handcrafted hats, one of which I’m crowned with in the photo, have graced the heads of Beyonce, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga. In fact, Gaga wore Gladys’ hats on her Joanne cover photo and dive bar tour. Turquoise and Python Leather Bracelet by Ammanii Jewelry. Miles Davis Scarf by Thomas Schoos. Photographed by Jordan Swain for my New Lux Order series.

Discover the full inaugural issue of InspiHER.