Hamburg, Germany’s Victoria-Kai (Wharf) welcomes modern floating homes on the water.

Floating Homes are a living concept in Germany. The company offers three prefab concepts that can float on a lake, river or ocean. These modern floating homes can also be placed in city waterways for urban living. The group’s current project is Victoria-Kai, a wharf in Hamburg, Germany.

modern floating homes victoriakai

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and holds the largest port in that country. The city has a growing population of almost 2 million. So demand is also growing for modern living along the water. Everyone wants a great view in the city. Living by the water isn’t just the ultimate view. It blends the worlds of concrete and nature. Most city planning looks at building up skyscrapers to accommodate real estate demands.

Floating Homes’ wharf project presents a different solution. Where land-based real estate might be scarce, their concepts can float directly on the water. Placed in the right spot, the views are breathtaking.

The design group consults on choices of energy efficient materials. Features include teak sun decks and massive panoramic windows. Interior wood options range from walnut to wenge to burma and beyond. Metal choices include all popular finishes. The group also has various synthetic materials to help with weight, insulation and heat reflection.

modern floating homes typeB

The B-Type model has a ground floor, first floor and sky deck. That sky deck level creates the feeling of being atop your own yacht. These include various woods, metals, large glass windows, picture windows and synthetic materials.

modern floating homes victoriakai hamsburg

The C-Type model is straightforward and sleek. The design translates easily to a bar, bistro, or studio business space. It can include a generous deck outside and a spacious lounge inside. Chairs storage is conveniently below the main floor.

modern floating homes typeD

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The D-Type model can be an open concept loft or family home with more separated spaces. The roof terrace is almost as large as the entire structure.