I’m creative directing an illustrated book promoting Self-Acceptance and Hair Magic. Introducing My Dear Queen.

Former E! Network star Lawrence Charles Carroll offers a message of self-acceptance for young girls in his new book My Dear Queen.


Well known for his time on E! Network’s TV show What Happens at the Abbey, Lawrence penned “My Dear Queen” for his future daughter after witnessing his sister’s struggle to love her natural hair.


Now pregnant with partner Brandi Andrews, Lawrence recognized that she too has had a unique journey with her own hair. “I began to see a pattern unfolding where Black women weren’t nurtured at an early age to love and own their hair,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence’s hope for My Dear Queen is that his, “daughter and other young girls embrace the hair they were created with, and recognize that it’s symbolic of how majestic and beautiful they are.”


I’m creative directing My Dear Queen and working with LA-based artist Yetunde Sapp who is creating all the visuals. The 19-year old artist uses rich color palettes, kinetic movements and collages to illustrate the poem with vibrant fluidity.


“I’ve always loved my hair,” Yetunde Sapp shares. “My mom nurtured that in me from a young age and I feel that part of my purpose is to use my art to help grow that love in others.”


I have my own reasons for being drawn to the project. My Dear Queen doesn’t focus on one color or texture, it’s truly a conversation about inner power and self-acceptance. I believe if I’d had a book like this when I was a girl growing up in the South, it would have helped me avoid a lot of pain. I’m committed to using our narrative arts to heal and increase humanity. This is my intention behind My Dear Queen.

This summer, Lawrence, Yetunde and I held a roundtable of influential women at Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. Our experts included modelpreneur Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, photographer and beauty guru Tiana Dawson and many others with unique hair journeys. The group shared how vital representation in media is during a young girl’s formative years. Words of love and self-acceptance are key helping you embrace and value your identity. During the discussion, Tiana told Lawrence, “This poem [from My Dear Queen] needs to be hanging on the wall over [your daughter’s] crib.” to which he replied, “Oh, it will be.”


My Dear Queen is available for pre-order through the book’s Indiegogo campaign.

Preview of artwork from My Dear Queen showcasing its message of self-acceptance and inner power.

Preview of artwork from My Dear Queen showcasing its message of self-acceptance and inner power.