In June, Shu Uemura will release a series of shampoo with bottles designed by some of the most edgy visual artists on the scene.

Founded in 1983 by the makeup artist of the same name, Shu Uemura is an industry leader in beauty. In a brilliant combination of branding and artistry, the brand has teamed with three Australian artists to create a highly-collectible shampoo art series.


Working with everyone from celebrities to luminaries and everyone in between, tattoo artist Dean Carlyle is so soughtafter we need a new word for “soughtafter. Operating out of his studio, Hibernia Tattoo, his attention to detail is so precise that his creations can sometimes take months to complete.


Illustrator Andrew Archer was trained as a graphic designer but has transformed into a well-respected illustrator. His clients include Nike, ELLE and Vogue Paris.


Emma Mulholland is fashion designer with a thriving celebrity following that includes Kanye West, Kimbra and Azealia Banks.

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