Whether you are a fan of Björk or not, you must admit that she has always been consistent with her brand. Her airy, childlike voice is instantly distinguishable from all other artists and her infamous swan-dress at the 2001 Oscars made her a household name associated with “the worst of the worst dressed.”

Perhaps it is his fearless artistic expression that has caused her to be an art sensation; the Icelandic singer has now sparked the most anticipated MoMa exhibit in years as many clamor to understand more about this iconoclast. Now at 49 years old, Björk has established herself as a boundary buster, utilizing music and her music videos to blend time and space in a way that, when coupled with her voice, seems almost alien.

Lizzie Crocker dives into the MoMa retrospective for the Daily Beast:

Her influence as an artist lies in tempering the unfamiliar with palatable nostalgia—and refusing to sacrifice emotional or musical purity in being avant-garde.

This relentlessly unique approach is what has made Bjork’s fan base so loyal and international. It is those who dare to be different that make history.  Click here to read more.