International arts collective, The Laboratory, released its latest edition, FEAR, during a special closing night exhibition of artist twin brothers Joel Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin at the Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery in Los Angeles.

FEAR explores the art of the previously estranged brothers through their mediums, themes, words and separate yet parallel careers. The exhibition complemented the magazine perfectly as it showcased the brothers in ways the public had never before seen. “Every time we got ready to close [the exhibit],” states Rutberg, “the demand was so strong we had to keep it open longer. People have flown in from all over the world to see this extraordinary exhibit.”

jack rutberg gallery

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery

The Laboratory documented the entire journey of this special moment in art history: from a special Q & A with the twins to insight into the Joel Peter Witkin’s photography and Jerome Witkin’s paintings. FEAR is available now through limited edition. Follow The Laboratory on Twitter.

Black and white photo by Adam Sheridan Taylor.