Recently, an attendee at one of my speaking engagements asked me for a tip on the best way to give her career brand longevity…

My answer is simple, “Stay focused on the legacy, not the currency.”

"Stay focused on the legacy, not the currency." - Joy Donnell

Emotional content and a great reputation is what gives a personal brand its cultural legacy. If you’re building an empire, it is the emotional response your brand evokes in others that will resonate, reconnect, and excite those who gravitate to you. Thinking about the legacy that you want to create and leave behind is also what will help you make clear definitions of what you want and help you determine your brand’s trajectory.

Focusing on the money won’t do this. That will only lead to making short term decisions to satisfy an immediate financial goal. It’s nearly impossible to sustain the passion for your own brand if you are relying on money to fuel that passion.

With the new year approaching, we all start to reevaluate what we want and where we’re going. If you’re finding it difficult to answer some of these questions, ask yourself if you are more focused on your legacy or if you’re preoccupied by your financial goals.

PR is the ideal tool for legacy building, if that is your true destination. Start to play with one of the following options:

+ OPTION 1: take one of your short tips and turn it into a meme (like my example above) to build buzz online. You can distribute it on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or any other visual platform that allows hashtags such as #quotestoliveby #tips #inspiration and other applicable references. People might just help your advice go viral and possibly download it as a source of inspiration for themselves. Your ideas are no good stuck in your own head. Share them and people who are seeking your thought leadership have a better chance of finding it and, consequently, you.

+ OPTION 2: as transparency becomes important, think of ways you can let the public in. Start taking behind the scenes photos or even quick 5-10 second videos. It doesn’t need to be invasive or intimate to the point of making you uncomfortable. It could be a moment on set, in the studio, or any other creative moment. Share these moments online to give people a glimpse that will intrigue and excite them. -JD