Weosh.com opens for female founded brands offering socially-conscious lifestyle products

Weosh (pronounced WEE-osh), is developing new language around women in chief executive positions. When visiting the website, one of the first statements to greet a visitor breaks down the alarming statistic that women only received 2% of the venture capital in 2017. Referring to female leaders as WEO (woman executive officer), the Weosh seeks to amplify the visibility and opportunities of woman-owned ventures and woman-made products. So naturally, the platform has officially launched Weosh.com for female founded brands offering socially-conscious lifestyle products.

Founded by entrepreneur and marketing specialist Joanna Geummy Lee, Weosh has carefully curated a select inventory of skincare including Biodara and Velvette Organics as well as healing crystals-embedded lingerie line, Chakra Intimates. The site will be adding more choice items to their online shop throughout 2019.

I recently joined the Weosh for their WEO Series about female leadership alongside Asha Dahya (GirlTalkHQ), Estefani Alarcon (Dear Southside) and Joanna Geummy Lee. The interviews are now available on YouTube (but I also pasted it below so SCROLL DOWN).