What’s going on with me that I named my website DoItInPublic.com?

UPDATED 09/06/2017: You’ve probably noticed that doitinpublic.com is my website URL. Doitinpublic is also my Twitter handle, Instagram handle and LinkedIn. It has nothing to do with anything scintillating. Too bad for you if you were seeking something else. It’s simply a play on the idea of public relations, branding, messaging and public image. Several years ago, I started speaking internationally about media, messaging and abundant branding.

Originally, I envisioned this site being a home for my public speaking and press. Yet, as most living things, it is constantly growing into much more. I speak internationally about branding messaging, content strategy and abundant publicity. When I first began talking about these things 10 years ago, I thought it would be a finite topic. I was wrong.

As more people become aware of being a brand, wearing brands for profit and staying on brand, we’re turning on backs on actual communication. There’s a lot of messaging that just talks at people. It seeks to take and it doesn’t contribute or raise the consciousness. It just wants to sell, sell, sell.

Algorithms are helping us consume media like we consume everything else. We pick a path of messaging and can go all day without seeing anything that will challenge you to see the world differently or expand your understanding of another person’s viewpoint. We’re documenting ourselves at an unprecedented rate and being prolific with messaging in a way that no other civilization has ever been.

Yet, once we brush all the selfies, push notifications and text dings aside, every human wants the same things: to feel safe, validated and connected. The ways we communicate reflect these desires. I see communication in everything we do, say/don’t say, wear, eat, crave, envy, celebrate, ignore, like and share. Tell me what messages you send out into the world and I’ll tell you who you are.

I would like more from the world than this. I would like my voice to do more. I’m reshaping doitinpublic.com to help find ways to connect to your inner voice and turn the best parts of it into your outward voice. Surround yourself only with things that thrill you. Nurture your passion and creativity to go beyond brand. Don’t just think different. Think legacy. Create your own philosophy and let it anoint every piece of communication you have with truth and abundance.

Let’s keep rising.

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