Taking a look at the Christopher Duffy UP Balloon Coffee Table.

Christopher Duffy has a way of blurring the lines between furnishings and art. For Vanichi, I once highlighted his artisan Abyss Table, a coffee table that mimics the mysteries of the deep blue sea. Now, I’m compelled to talk about the Christopher Duffy UP Balloon Coffee Table, a trompe l’oeil that is instant impact in any room.

christopher duffy UP balloon coffee table christopher duffy UP balloon coffee table

If the kid in you needs a coffee table, this is it. It plays with the ideas of levitation and bouyancy as a glass round table top seems balanced atop red, gold or silver balloons. The table is handmade with ethically sourced materials (like all of Duffy’s designs) and in a limited series of 25 editions. While it’s fun and whimsical it’s also well-crafted from metal resin composites, toughened steel rods and toughened glass. So the 120cm deep by 50cm high coffee table is durable. It can be the topic of conversation as well as the roundtable hosting the discussion.

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I love to intermingle pieces with pop and true artistry with pieces that are less attention grabbing and blend in easier. I find that, for me, it creates great balance in a space and that balance helps fuel the imagination. I picture it having fun in a space similar to this gorgeous Presidio Heights residence pictured above.

I also appreciate the fact that Christopher Duffy is created limited series, intricately special pieces. For me, this true modern luxury: unique, painstakingly crafted with care and sourced responsibly.