Go Beyond Brand. Live Your Legacy. My new book is available on Amazon.

You’re human. You deserve to be more than a brand. For those seeking something different, my new book Beyond Brand expands the ideas of your power, inner joy and media outreach to build legacy — a cultural legacy you can live in real-time as well as leave behind. Through stories, self examination, best practices and strategy, I break down how to keep what you create aligned with who you are becoming.

Beyond Brand looks at the design of the media system as well as how stories get energized,  monetized, insulated and distributed across different forms of media. It deep dives into the support bases that storytellers need so they can stay resilient and receive opportunities. It also factors in the necessity of self compassion, mindfulness techniques to maintain focus and narrative leadership during changing times, and the ways we can cultivate synchronicity in our lives. This is a holistic journey of building traction, cultural shifts and self care while engaging your message with modern media.

Humans are creators, change agents, disruptors, and innovators. We’re the forces that shift behaviors, environments, and norms. To confine our gifts to finite public images is a disservice to human advancement, a constriction of personal growth, and a small, limiting lifestyle. We can look Beyond Brand and live our legacy.

Now Available thru Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook.