Money As Energy: Dr. Rachel On Abundance and Financial Constructs

Dr. Rachel Greenberg (known online as @heydrrachel) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist empowering womxn all of the world to awaken their authentic potential, radically actualize an aligned life, embody intimacy, and cultivate the art of deep relating. Through her professional, academic and clinical acumen, coupled with her own powerful journey of healing, Dr. Rachel has devised The Numinous Path. This path is designed to help you heal your pain, reveal your authentic core truth, refine your voice, and align your desire with your destiny. She’s also launched an Abundance Planner for 2020 to help womxn think through money, recognize abundance and think through the constructs clouding their financial wellbeing. I talked with Dr. Rachel about money as energy and our psycho social cultural constructs around abundance and finances.

Let’s talk money and abundance. Why do you state that money is an energy? What does that actually mean?

Money is an energetic construct, which means that it is meaningless without what we assign to it. The meaning of money is what we say it is. So, whatever energy we attribute to money, it takes on. Otherwise, it’s as neural an entity as a rock or a table. Money can be an energetic source of resource-richness or resource-lackness, depending on what structures and systems are in place that make it operate.

So if I declare for myself that the energy of money is one of powerful abundance, then it is that for me. If I say the energy of money is fluid, always-incoming, liberating and pride-inducing, it is that.

Money is what we say it is on an energetic level.

Why were you compelled to create an Abundance Planner for 2020? Have current events informed your decision to pick this topic right here, right now?

I was noticing collective themes for womxn related to their finances. Despite so many womxn finding their rise, many modern-day feminist-oriented Western womxn are still struggling to be in their full power when it comes to their relationship with money.

I see womxn in need of healing with money, and wanted to introduce a simple and stress-free way to intentionally approach it.

Although it’s always the right and good time to deepen into our own empowerment, the start of a new calendar year can be a potent chance to renew with intention. In the same way we line up goals for our health and relationships, what we want from money should be prioritized with intention and clarity.

It’s always the right time to envision what we want.

What is one of the most powerful things you’ve had to unlearn about money?

For a long time  I didn’t understand money, and told myself that it was because I couldn’t (because I wasn’t smart enough to, didn’t have to, would never be able to)… I’ve had to unlearn that money is something I should just know about and understand without having to put in the time and interest to really honor and respect it.

As with any other meaningful relationship in my life, I’ve had to (and still do) take the time to prioritize getting to know money, mine especially. I’ve had to take the time to learn about it, what makes it work, what its needs are, how we can best support each other. I’ve had to apologize to money, heal with money, take responsibility for money.

What is something about yourself that you have relearned several times?

It’s always a matter of worthiness and true power. I’m constantly relearning the depths of my own embodied self-respect, and trusting that it is only in my full power that I serve from my highest self, for the highest good of all of those who I encounter.

I continue to relearn how to stop apologizing for my fullness, and how to relentlessly set the standard for experiences that I get to have that are big, beautiful, and that I’m inherently deserving of.

What’s the last book you read?

I’m in the throes of reading Passionate Enlightenment (a dense but fascinating book on buddhist tantra and the feminine) and I’m re-listening to the audio book Attached (A MUST for anyone and everyone).

What’s something that you wish got more media attention and why?

Compassion practice and psychospiritual healing. It’s troubling to me that there are so many people asleep to themselves, and that compassion isn’t espoused in mainstream media as something to attune to, honor, respect, and practice.

Kindness shouldn’t be something we’re surprised by when it happens. It should be embedded in every system, institution, news article and journal, and we should be regularly discussing how to heal intergenerational transmission of trauma with compassion and diligence. I wish the media portrayed the path for healing from psycho-spiritual wounds, because that is really the core of the collective woes that plague our societies.

The more purely we can allow ourselves to experience ourselves, the less wrought our world will be by acts of corruption, violence, and any other unconscious primitive mode that no longer serves us.

I’m interested in the media shedding light on how all beings can experience radical actualization, liberation, equity, and peace.

What are 3 songs that help you feel grounded when life gets hectic?

India Arie: I am Light

Hozier: Nina Cried Power

Lizzo: Soulmate

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram/Twitter for financial wisdom?



My top 2 favorites. They’re both heart-centered and unapologetically owning their money.

How can we get your Abundance Planner?

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Anything you want to add?

I’m opening The Numinous Path Membership for 2020 so if anyone is feeling resonance, DM me in IG (@heydrrachel) for how to get on the list.

And thank you for putting your heart, mind, and soul out into the world the way you do.

Watch my #GemsxJoy interview with Dr. Rachel about success and anxiety through the YouTube video pasted above.