Rosan Diamond credit cards turn money into art.

We have reached a point in our economy where the costs to manufacture a penny outweigh the value of the penny once created. Wow! Physical money is losing its value and digital wealth in terms of digital transactions, bitcoins and credit cards are becoming the overwhelming choice of the majority. Rosan Diamond has launched their business with this thought as their trajectory. They have launched a series of artisan, handcrafted Visa Infinite cards. So, Rosan Diamond credit cards turn money into art.

rosan diamond credit card garden 2

Pictured among these orchids is a credit card. That’s right. A credit card by Rosan Diamond.

The brand crafts these one-of-a-kind limited edition jewelry credit cards from precious metals like gold, precious gems like diamonds, sapphires and pearls and semi-precious materials that include mother of pearl, chrysoprase, nephrite, jadeite, jasper, lazurite, serpentine, rhodonite and more. The designs have incredible range, from transparent and translucent elements to metallic, reflective aspects. Themes are inspired by mythology, culture, modern motifs and the natural world. And if you’re worrying about the chip in the card, well, Rosan tackled that challenge, too. They found a non-standard chip to infuse into their designs without compromising the overall aesthetic of the card.

Carpet_rosan diamond credit card sunrise_rosan diamond credit card

Artisanship. Technology. Rosan is striving to create cards that owners will want to pass down to their descendants for the artistic aspect alone. The currency almost becomes inconsequential.

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