United Nudes and 3D Systems teamed up with 5 leading designers to present “Re-Inventing Shoes”, a 3D printed shoe collection.

Inspirations range from the deep sea to fossils to ear elements. The collection examines and tests the boundaries of ladies footwear design. Far from strictly being functional, the collection is highly artistic with themes manifested in tangible symbolism, such as Zaha Hadid’s Flames. Swooping lines resemble actual flames as if the shoe is walking fire.


Fernando Romero’s Ammonite plays with geometry found in nature. Using cutting edge technology and materials, the result is a fossil imbued in sensual red.

3D printing for fashion not only opens up the possibility of widespread ability to fabricate high design, but it can also make it easier to custom tailor clothing and accessories to the particular human body for which it is intended.


[via Buro24/7]