For the resilient creative entrepreneur, here are a few creativity lessons from sunflowers.

I’m fascinated by things that are drawn to light. The creative process can take anyone through cycles of big bright thoughts and deep dark doubts.  This is the nature of crafting something physical and tangible from your imagination. One day, I read about the growth process of sunflowers. They can grow big and the bigger they grow, the more care they to take to literally center the bloom at night, perfectly balancing it toward the sky. This way, the weight of the bloom is equally shared throughout the stem, rather than one side of the plant having to shoulder most of the heft. Smart. I decided to explore the natural wisdom of this majestic plant and found a few more creativity lessons from sunflowers?:

1. Always find your light. A project can’t thrive without constant fuel. Inspiration and focus must go hand in hand for whatever you’re creating to become. It is a constant gardening and when the spark seems missing, it’s imperative to find it. When the spark finds you, it should find you already growing.
2. Don’t underestimate your instincts. Growth is inevitable, so balance is necessary. Grow. Rest. Grow some more. Rest some more. Balance your big blooms, daily. Don’t exhaust your energy or overburden yourself unnecessarily.
3. Grow big. And embrace all that growth. Every project starts small. Some things experience more accelerated growth or large-scale growth than others, but the key is to embrace what blooms. Sunflowers don’t shrink themselves for the comfort of others. When they grow big, they embrace all that growth.