(Sponsored Story) Uplevel Your Correspondence Game. A Paperless Post Review.

I’m passionate about networking and staying in touch. But like many of us, I get overwhelmed by the accumulation of messages in my inbox,  social media DM’s, texts, and in-real-life mailbox, simultaneously.  It’s a lot to sift through and keep up. The deluge can easily make us forget that correspondence can be refreshing and fun. A little creativity enlivens the recipient as well as the sender.  Embracing this philosophy is an unexpected way to stick out from everything else in the inbox. I recently explored some digital ideas to uplevel my correspondence game through Paperless Post.

While I’d previously received  many Paperless Post invitations from friends, colleagues and publicists, this was my first time using the service. I was surprised by how many free options they offered in addition to their premium cards and customizations. The site uses coins as currency beginning with 25 coins priced at $10.

Of course, all creative professionals know we can use digital cards for the usual suspects: Birthdays, Thanks, Wedding Invitations, Events and the like.  In a world overflowing with push notifications and algorithms, it’s incredibly human to make a grander greeting gesture for the other aspects of life. Scroll down to see what I discovered.

Pleasure Meeting You

One disciplined practice I maintain after receiving someone’s business card is to send an email within 48 hours stating how wonderful it was to meet them. It immediately provides a reminder of the conversation and allows for further brainstorming at a later date.


So, when I saw these “Happy to See You” cards by Kate Spade via Paperless Post, I found an even cooler way to follow up. Normally, I’d reserve this for a friend I hadn’t seen in a while but — with a few tweaks — I found it to be great for a new acquaintance.

For instance, quickly editing the original hearts graphic liner in the envelope to a golden watercolor handpainted chevron maintained the aesthetic without feeling  unprofessional or too familiar. This card comes in a range of colors including Paella (pictured), Hunter Green, Mint, Pavlova and Lilac. This premium card starts at 2 coins.

Let’s Do Something Different

Big parties aren’t the only times we can send an actual invitation. Small gatherings with just a few friends to the beach or on a rooftop for rosé at sunset can be a great excuse to get together, laugh and calm down.

These Jonathan Adler “Hey Beach Bum” cards (2 coins) are perfect for an intimate chill day under the sun.

Rifle Paper Co. also offers its Monogrammed Reply cards (2 coins) for be reworded for any type of gathering you’re planning, big or small.

Get It!

Friends need to get celebrated for their life choices beyond love and family. Why not send a card when someone starts a new job or their own business? It’s always a good idea to let the people you’re rooting for know you’re in their corner.

I find these Kate Spade “New Job” cards (2 coins) to be playful and customizable for exactly how you want to speak encouragement over the folks you respect.

Bottom line, no one hates receiving a greeting card. I had fun exploring Paperless Post, crafting my own messages and sending a little sunshine into someone else’s day. The site has a wide inventory of affordable designs and vast designer brand offerings. The service made moments and exchanges more memorable, and even more special. The results are well worth the extra effort.


*This review post is a sponsored collaboration with Paperless Post. Opinions are my own.