Our ancestors also gave us generational resilience. Not just trauma.

The day I realized I had high self-esteem but low self-compassion, my world shifted. Fragmentation is a separation from our authenticity and sense of inherent worth. Radical self compassion is a way to return to yourself. It helps you hold the glory and the grief, the struggling and the surmounting while giving yourself grace. It is the path to integration.

I got to sit with Denise Love Hewett to discuss asserting your worth. Being a guest on Do the Work was a special treat. Denise’s thought-provoking, heart-affirming podcast fearlessly dives into the intersection of showbiz (i.e. Hollywood entertainment media) and spirituality. We chat about how our fullness automatically disrupts inequitable systems and helps us claim our generational gifts. We also reframe ancestral trauma, couple it with intergenerational resilience, and chat about how this supports self-integration.

I deeply admire Denise and am honored that she uplifted my book, Show Us Your Fire. Denise especially honed on in the message of making for the possible within the impossible.