Beyond Brand Book Excerpt: You’re Creative Whether You Like It Or Not

As we go into 2020 and start to list out aspirations, proclamations and affirmations for the new decade, I want to take a moment to behold our ability to create. You’re creative whether you like it or not. Dive deeper into what I mean by scrolling to this excerpt from my new book, Beyond Brand: Master Your Power, Joy, and Media To Live Your Legacy. You’ll also notice a preview of the forthcoming audiobook version to be released on February 2, 2020.

Here’s the thing: your creativity is going to come out in one way or another. If you don’t nurture and allow it to develop within your work/art, your hobbies or your growth, then your creative mind will get channeled into the ways you worry and the anxieties that overtake you. It will merge with how you develop disappointing, drama-fueled relationships, and the convoluted thought-mazes you construct to rationalize and justify the fiction you tell yourself about yourself. You’ll even use it to normalize other people’s messiness so that you can survive it or avoid dealing with it directly.

Instead of using your talented mind to build towards something you really want for yourself, you’ll use all that imagination to reinforce fears that hold you back. Because you’re here to create. It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re creative. You’re going to create something each and every day… one way, or another.

Excerpt from Chapter 64 of Beyond Brand by Joy Donnell. All rights reserved.