Clarity. Trajectory. Strategy. Joy Donnell Consulting offers private, customized methods to help you go beyond brand and build your legacy.

UPDATED 02/28/2020 — Until further notice, I will not be offering 1-on-1 consulting or individual sessions.

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I create dynamic atmospheres that engage, provide on-the-spot clarity, and allow everyone to leave with real-time applicable strategies. My access to and network of researchers, innovators and disruptive storytellers also helps me stay aware of data and knowledge that backs up ideas with studies and thought-shifting insights.

Thank you.  I’m so glad that you shared your knowledge and insight with us.  It was a thought-provoking-action-inciting experience.Suzan Mikiel

If you are interested in having me conduct a Masterclass, Keynote, speak on a Panel, or do a Breakout Session, please contact me.

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