Here are some Daily Habits to Separate Thoughts from Your True Voice

It’s estimated that the human brain can hold 1.7GB of information. That’s a lot, but also not a lot. It’s possible that we have as many as 20K thoughts a day. Those thoughts can be our fears, desires, anxieties, echoes of conversations from/with other people, ruminations, doubts inflicted upon us and general noise from our surroundings. If we have more crap flowing through our heads than we actually have room for in our minds, then we’re constantly distracted from our true inner voice.


I’ve found that my inner voice and my thoughts aren’t the same thing. My inner voice — true voice — sounds like me and absolutely always talks to me sweetly. My thoughts, however, are all the noise from within and without: sublime brilliance mingling with utter crap and trash, etc. I work daily on separating my voice from my thoughts so that when my inner voice speaks, I hear better each time. The better I hear, the more I’m reminded of myself, my truth and my inner joy. This makes it easier to release what isn’t mine and speak with centered clarity. It makes me a better creative and storyteller.


Here’s a list of Daily Habits to Separate Thoughts from Your True Voice. You can start with the first three steps and bring them into your daily process until they become natural. Then add the next two steps and then the final four exercises. Lather, rinse, repeat and build for cumulative effect.


1. Set Your Day’s Intentions. Before interacting with any devices or work obligations.

2. Write Out 5 things for which you’re Passionate.

3. Spend 5 minutes on Positive Self-Talk about your passions.


4. Use Your Voice. Talk about 1 thing each day that you feel deserves/needs your voice/energy.

5. Empower Your Silence. Identify 1 thing that doesn’t deserve your energy and then don’t give it any energy.


6. Find 1 Thought that’s holding you back.

7. Identify where that thought originated.*

8. Forgive Yourself for that thought.

9. End your day with Gratitude.


*Some thought origins are discovered in layers and identifying where it was derived will be revealed in baby steps. In order to not get stuck on this step, focus on forgiving yourself for the thought, regardless of its origin. The main purpose of this exercise is to discover whether that thought came from within you or was given to you by someone else so that you know how to release it.