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“A VOTEless people is a HOPEless people,” centenarian civil rights movement matriach Amelia Boynton Robinson reflects on SELMA 50 years later at her reception at Creative Visions Foundation. Thank you to Ann Simmons and Albert of the LA Times for sharing this icon’s light with the world.

I had the honor of co-hosting this reception for Amelia who shared the moment when everyone was running on Bloody Sunday because they were being beaten, but she did not run even after they hit her. They beat her unconscious and the photo of her laying nearly dead spread around the world. That photo helped create awareness and outrage that eventually led to the passing of the Voter’s Rights Act of 1965.

Please share and please spread word about Amelia’s care fund “Village of Hope – Tuskegee” as she had outlived her retirement savings at 105 years old. Read the LA Times feature article and see the video here to discover more about Amelia Boynton Robinson.