WeTalk interviewed Joy Donnell on their #WeTalkBiz Twitter chat. The topic was “Communicating YOU Thru Noise.” Here’s a transcript of the Q + A.

On Tuesday, September 12, WeTalk interviewed Joy Donnell on their #WeTalkBiz Twitter chat. The WeTalk platform has been providing life-changing dialogue and insight to help grow global leaders. The topic was “Communicating YOU In a Noise-Filled World.” Here’s a transcript of the Q + A.


Q1 What makes your true individual voice stand out in a noisy world?

JOY: A1 Everyone is busy talking about what they DO. If you want to stand out + stand apart, start sharing what you BELIEVE (1/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 Entrepreneurs share their beliefs by talking about the philosophy behind their work and ambitions (2/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 Your PHILOSOPHY has to be more than your BRAND. It’s what you’re compelled to GIVE this world (3/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 Let what you want to give the world inspire the messaging that you create for your business (4/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 Your philosophy-driven messaging will start to shine like a beacon to like-minded people who seek what you have to give (5/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 All the big companies know they need a philosophy. Apple is “Think Different.” 3M is “Innovation.” These are IDEAS, not just BRANDS (6/7) #wetalkbiz

A1 A business that builds a philosophy can outlive any product it creates. (7/7) #wetalkbiz

Q2 What are the keys to defining your voice?

A2 Define your core message/mantra/philosophy in 6 words or less. Then let that mantra shape every message you put out (1/5) #wetalkbiz

A2 The only way to define your voice is to outline your beliefs and motivations (2/5) #wetalkbiz

A2 There’s a big difference between talking about stuff and using your voice (3/5) #wetalkbiz

A2 Just because you’re talking doesn’t mean you’re saying anything (4/5) #wetalkbiz

A2 Your voice has the power to create change, open someone’s mind and help people understand how you see the world (5/5) #wetalkbiz

Q3 How can my message reach the right destination on social media?

A3 Many people seek validation i.e. LIKES from social media. Likes aren’t the point. Use it to find the like-minded (1/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 CONTENT doesn’t mean anything without DISTRIBUTION. Content has to be found. Your social media is distribution (2/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 You can grow your OWN network of distribution thru social media. That’s what theses YouTube + IG stars have done (3/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 1st think of social media as distribution, then create content that connects and contributes to your audience (4/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 On Instagram, use hashtags to target and find the likeminded. On Facebook, use FB ads, join groups and network (5/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 Unless you’re famous, you need to socialize on social media. Start conversations with strangers who share your values (6/7) #wetalkbiz

A3 Stop thinking about getting and start focusing on giving. Connect and Contribute to those you seek (7/7) #wetalkbiz

Q4 How do we harness the power of our voices and amplify them with intentional publicity?


1 Define ur core message in 6 words

2 Create core-inspired content

3 Connect + Contribute thru related hashtags/keywords

(1/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Use hashtags to help you find like-minded people. These people will become your consumers or your allies (2/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Ask your allies to help share your content. Share theirs and help them amplify their message (3/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Build a direct mailing list. Devise fun incentives and contests/giveaways (4/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Be helpful to your audience. Socialize and build a community around your philosophy (5/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Every endeavor needs allies. You will not succeed if you don’t have alliances (6/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Allies become your duplication until you can afford more marketing. It’s a form of bartering so you can build (7/8) #wetalkbiz

A4 Alliance is the new hustle. You don’t have to do the exceptional alone (8/8) #wetalkbiz

Q5 How does intentional publicity help my business development?

A5 You can’t grow without a direction. Intention provides the purest direction (1/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 Let intention inform your business development goals. Then use intention-driven publicity to reach those goals (2/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 You can actually target what you seek. Create content that speaks those you seek. Make sure the content contains the end goal (3/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 Let’s say you sell shoes and your intention is to provide young people with a great shoe at an affordable price (4/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 You can take photos of the shoes and put them on Instagram with hashtags etc. Or you can go deeper (5/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 You can have young patrons do video testimonials about the shoes + take photos. Or you can go deeper (6/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 You can create a campaign around the story of one dynamic popular entrepreneur wearing your shoes. Or you can go deeper (7/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 Team up with a boutique to carry your shoes + join the campaign with a portion of profits going to a startup initiative (8/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 Intentional publicity ideas can help you create strategic partnerships + find ways to team with others to grow profits (9/10) #wetalkbiz

A5 There are no right answers. Your challenge is to think + talk creatively about what you do + why you do it (10/10) #wetalkbiz

Q6 How do you distribute your message to attract the growth you seek and claim your legacy?


A6 Create content. Then, keep repackaging, repurposing and redistributing it in creative ways (1/11) #wetalkbiz


A6 Say u write a business tips article. It can also become:

1 A business tips video

2 Memes of key tips

3 Tip tweets

(2/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Now you’ve taken 1 piece of content and used it in 4 different ways. That’s repackaging, repurposing + redistributing (3/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Give your content life. Find fun ways to keep sharing your message so it can keep attracting the people you seek (4/11) #wetalkbiz

Here’s an example of what I mean by “give your content life”


A6 Remember that Oprah, Beyonce, Richard Branson weren’t built in a day. You know them because of repetition (5/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Know that you will have to repeat your message ad infinitum. You will never break thru the noise without repetition (6/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Turn your messaging into play. It shouldn’t be work. It should be as stress-free as chatting with friends at dinner (7/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Don’t talk at people. Talk to them. Tell them stories. We are naturally attracted to storytelling (8/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 Storytelling is how our ancestors passed knowledge to us in front of the fire. These stories had drama, humor + life (9/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 You need to tell a story that brings people life. Make them feel connected and seen. Make them not feel alone (10/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 If you craft your content and messaging to make people feel emotionally connected, you will grow (11/11) #wetalkbiz

A6 EXTRA Messaging is a combination of art and science. You need a strategy that creates emotional response. #wetalkbiz

A6 EXTRA There’s a chemical called serotonin that’s released in the brain when you feel significant and important. #wetalkbiz

A6 EXTRA Another chemical called dopamine is released when you experience pleasure. #wetalkbiz

A6 EXTRA You want to create messaging that taps into these chemical reactions of serotonin and/or dopamine #wetalkbiz

A6 EXTRA There’s an entire strategy behind this called neuromarketing. It combines colors, word order + more to create emotional response #wetalkbiz


Q7 Should individuals focus on personal branding or creating a legacy?

A7 Companies create BRANDS for PRODUCTS. You’re not a can of Coca Cola. You’re human. Be more than a BRAND. Become a LEGACY (1/4) #wetalkbiz

A7 The pressure to create personal brands is messing with people’s heads. Brands are meant to package manmade things (2/4) #wetalkbiz

A7 At its best, a brand humanizes a manmade object. You’re not manmade, so you deserve more than to become a brand (3/4) #wetalkbiz

A7 If your business is more than a brand, than you make the idea of it bigger than a product. Philosophies forge legacies (4/4) #wetalkbiz

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