Can We Criticize By Creating? My chat with Judithe Registre on emotional journeys, inclusive media and luxury mindsets.

In my life, I’ve found that creativity is a cure for frustration. I criticize by creating. Challenge by creating. Change by creating. In a recent interview with Judithe Registre’s Get InPowered Podcast, I talk about this and share a violent moment from my childhood that helped me realize the value of all my human emotions. My emotions became undeniable and forced me to make a choice about how I would define myself, pursue the life I wanted and see the world around me.

Working in publicity and building media platforms reiterates these lessons on the healing, empowering and fortifying personal development that our emotions try to offer us every single day. We have constant chatter in the mind. Sometimes this chatter needs to be conversed with but other times, you require a break so that you can get quiet and truly hear yourself. This is why self-care isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We need angst but we also need a break from the angst.

Our media often pushes a message that luxury is the presence of excess, but true luxury is the absence of angst. Constant anxiety will harm you and too much luxury will dull your senses. The tension of the two realities helps us find our center, separate our thoughts from our real voice and be our most human.

Of course, Judithe and I also discuss inclusive media and the ways our narrative arts can heal.

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