It’s Time We Talk Different About Luxury. I sat down with Wendy Rosoff for the first #SkyTalks at The Line Lofts…

It’s time we talk different about luxury. Luxury has always been defined in context. We’re connective beings. We need connection to the interior and the exterior; and one constantly reinforces (or disrupts) the other. Modern life is very technologically connected but less and less inner connected. For this and many other reasons, our collective definitions of luxury are shifting. We’re realizing that there is no living well without wellbeing.

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This idea of opulence as having to be over the top is really outdated, farted out thinking. It’s like trying to overcompensate for all the discomfort you suffered in your life. Our world is so complicated that our luxury needs simplicity. We get so many messages conveying luxury as the presence of excess, but true luxury is the absence of angst. It is the tension of life’s natural and necessary angst against the calming luxury we find or create for ourselves that helps us grow through the chaos, separate our voice from our thoughts and nurture or higher humanity.


The talented Wendy Rosoff and Joy Donnell taping #SkyTalks first podcast episode.

I sat down with the lovely Wendy Rosoff to discuss this and more for the first #SkyTalks at the Sky Lounge podcast taped live at Hollywood’s The Line Lofts. A relaxed hideaway designed by holistic-minded visionary Gulla Jónsdóttir, The Line Lofts by Wilshire Skyline sets a new refined urban standard for modern Hollywood architectural apartments. Hear the full podcast interview here.

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