Wearing beauty that keeps your frequency high. Here’s how Joy curates high frequency fashion.

I like to wear beauty that keeps my frequency high. My friend, Diedre Johnson, has often pointed out to me that I’m a sensualist. I’m always talking about the senses and how clothing, food, jewelry and the like relate to our senses. It’s not incredibly deep for me. We are not these bodies, but these bodies are gifts that allow us to experience the world. Without them, we would be only thought and synapse, electrical pulses pinging around with no context other than the mind.

So I embrace my sensualist mindset and seek to surround myself with what thrills me. That includes what I wear. I don’t like to wear garbage; and in our world, garbage exists in abundance. Whenever I can, as often as I can, I dress myself with intention. Regardless of the price point, if I’m not compelled, I don’t buy it. This helps me avoid buyer’s remorse, which I’ve been told is a thing.


When I dress with intention, I am often drawn to the story behind the piece. The beauty of who made it and how it was made connects with me. The makeup of the fabric and how it feels on my body will either make me feel comfortable or distracted. The symbolism represented in patterns or colors excite my imagination. When story and comfort combine and my imagination is sparked, my creativity keeps flowing. I feel in alignment, and alignment is the true luxury.


In mid-September, I spoke at MSMU’s Women’s Leadership Conference. I dressed with intention that day; it helped me feel focused and effortlessly put together. Plus, it only took 5 minutes to get dressed. Here’s what happened:



MaXhosa by Laduma

Via Onychek.com

MaXhosa by Laduma is inspired by traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns and, as the label will tell you, is “Passionately made in South Africa with Xhosa pride.” This hand-machine knit crop top and skirt are available in the states through online African luxury retailer Onychek.com


Via Ammanii.com

Arabian horses signify grace, strength and sensitivity, all of which the world needs in abundance. These bracelets are handmade from genuine shagreen and feature highly detailed bejeweled horse heads. The Ammanii brand uses jewelry to expand cultural understanding and showcase the symbolism and beauty of Egyptian culture.

Nateeva Jamaica

Via Nateeva.com

Jamaica is my second home. My husband and I got married in Jamaica. The island has it’s own scent; it’s some heady combination of musk, fruit and flower that rises gently from the lush earth. I love everything about it and I miss it constantly. That longing gets subdued with Nateeva’s Jamaica scent, which reminds of the day I merged my life with the man I love. That memory empowers me.